Elevating the Game: Crafting an Identity and Campaign for the Rugby World Cup Sevens in San Francisco
A brand identity and marketing campaign in partnership with San Francisco Travel to spotlight San Francisco as the ultimate host city.

When the Rugby World Cup Sevens set its sights on San Francisco, it wasn't just bringing a premier international championship to the Bay Area—it was introducing the dynamic world of rugby to a new audience and setting the stage for future global sporting events in the region. Our team at Teak was entruste to create a brand identity and marketing campaign that would resonate with rugby enthusiasts worldwide and spotlight San Francisco as the ultimate host city.

A Meeting of Worlds: Rugby Meets the Bay Area

The challenge was multifaceted: to encapsulate the spirit of rugby—a sport renowned for its intensity, camaraderie, and global appeal—while weaving in the unique cultural and scenic tapestry of San Francisco. The goal was to craft a narrative that not only celebrated the sport but also invited international fans to experience the diverse beauty and vibrancy of the Bay Area.

A Global Stage in the Heart of San Francisco

Set against the iconic backdrop of AT&T Park, the event marked a significant milestone as the first international rugby world championship hosted in the Bay Area. This was an unprecedented opportunity to showcase San Francisco on the world stage, highlighting its capacity to host major international events and its warm embrace of the global rugby community.

The Creative Playbook: Building a Brand that Travels

Our approach at Teak was to meld the rugged elegance of rugby with the modern, innovative spirit of San Francisco. The brand identity and marketing campaign were designed to speak across cultures, appealing to the hardcore rugby fan while inviting newcomers to delve into the excitement of the game. Through a strategic mix of digital, poster, event, experiential and video marketing efforts, we aimed to create a buzz that would extend far beyond the Bay Area, encouraging rugby fans from around the globe to converge in San Francisco for the event.

The Legacy Continues

While the echoes of the cheers may have faded, it stands as a testament to the power of sports to unite people from all corners of the globe and the role of strategic branding in bringing these events to life.

We believe in the potential for sports and marketing to create lasting connections and memories. At Teak, we're proud to have played a part in bringing this global celebration to the Bay Area and look forward to breaking new ground in the fusion of sports, culture, and innovative marketing.

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