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Teak brand sprints
are built for:
Brands who want A-level strategy and creative on a limited budget and/or timeline.
Brands with in-house teams seeking a fresh outside perspective.
Brands who need informed ideas without a long development process.
CMOs and marketing leaders seeking alignment within their organization.
Speed, meet substance.
Our Teak Brand Sprints are fast-paced yet deeply insightful. They offer a quick, comprehensive look into your brand’s potential.
Big ideas, small timeframe.
Why wait for inspiration? Our Teak Brand Sprints deliver groundbreaking creative ideas and strategic insights, faster than ever.
Project Options
Sometimes brands need a little therapy. This process looks at your brand and marketing organization holistically. We help your organization get on the same page– with each other and with your customers. We bring a fresh outside perspective that can bring help you focus and get to the next level.
What’s included:
What you get:
4 Weeks from kickoff to completion
We’re currently starting a waitlist for these projects so that we can schedule them with our current project workload.
Sometimes brands need creative ideas rooted in solid research and strategy. This sprint adds a 2-week creative sprint, generating ideas based on the brand audit  and strategy work. Choose your focus: Brand Voice or Campaign/Platform Concepts. For brand voice, we’ll develop a brand “vocabulary”- headlines and copy that define your voice. For campaign/platform concepts, we’ll present a minimum of 3 directions through writeups and moodboards.
What’s included:
What you get:
4 Weeks from kickoff to completion
We’re currently starting a waitlist for these projects so that we can schedule them with our current project workload.

Teak Brand Sprints are intensive, short-term projects designed to deliver strategic branding insights and creative direction in a concise timeframe. These sprints are ideal for businesses seeking quick, focused guidance on their brand strategy or creative direction without the long-term commitment of a traditional project.

Our Brand Sprints are tailored to be efficient and impactful. The duration depends on the selected package – the standard Brand Audit and Strategy Sprint is a 4-week process, while the extended Sprint, including creative recommendations, spans 6 weeks.

Teak Brand Sprints are perfect for any business needing strategic branding input or creative direction in a short period. They are especially beneficial for startups, small to medium enterprises, or any organization undergoing a rebranding phase. They're also an excellent fit for larger companies needing a fresh perspective or a quick strategy refresh.

Depending on your chosen sprint, deliverables include a comprehensive brand audit, market and competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, audience insights, and strategic recommendations. The extended sprint additionally provides tailored creative concepts and direction.

Unlike traditional, long-term projects, Teak Brand Sprints are designed for speed and focus. They provide the same high-quality insights and creative ideas but are delivered in a more condensed and intensive format. This approach is perfect for businesses looking for rapid results and clarity without a prolonged engagement.

Our Brand Sprints are offered at a fixed fee, providing clarity and predictability in pricing. This fee varies based on the type of sprint chosen. Our approach ensures that you receive expert branding services at a cost-effective rate, with no hidden fees.

Absolutely. While the core structure of our Brand Sprints is standardized for efficiency, we tailor the research, analysis, and creative recommendations to your specific industry and business needs.

Yes, while Teak Brand Sprints are designed to deliver concise, actionable results, we are always open to continuing our partnership through further collaboration or extended projects based on your specific needs.

We're committed to supporting a diverse range of businesses, including non-profits and smaller enterprises. Special pricing or considerations may be available, so we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can tailor our Brand Sprints to suit your budget and objectives.

Starting is simple. Reach out to us via our contact form or email, and we’ll set up an initial consultation to understand your needs and see how our Brand Sprints can best serve your goals. From there, we'll guide you through the next steps to kickstart your sprint.

Teak brand sprints

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