Twenty years of capturing life's infinite moments.
Celebrating two decades of Flickr.

In 2023, Flickr marked a significant milestone—20 years of being the legendary photo community that they are. To honor this anniversary celebration, we've unveiled a video series celebrating the incredible range of style and emotion in the billions (yes billions) of photos on the platform.

Capturing the essence and the emotion.

Our "20 Years of Flickr" video series delves into the themes that have been pivotal to their success. Each video is a montage of still images, meticulously selected from Flickr's extensive collection, showcasing the incredible diversity and depth of content uploaded by its users over two decades. Through these visuals, we celebrate the endless possibilities of expression and connection made possible by Flickr.

A nod to Flickr’s cultural icon.

We kicked off the anniversary campaign with a billboard located in the heart of San Francisco, featuring an endearing symbol of Flickr's culture—the panda. This character, often shown during Flickr's rare server downtimes, has become a beloved "easter egg," representing moments of surprise and delight for the Flickr community. It's already gotten some love, too:

Looking forward to the next 20 years.

The platform is more than just a repository for images—it's a living, breathing community that thrives on shared experiences and creative expression. The anniversary campaign celebrates not just the past achievements of Flickr but also its potential to inspire future generations of photographers, storytellers, and visionaries.

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