Celebrating a New Chapter: SmugMug and Flickr Join Forces
How we partnered with SmugMug to make their partnership announcement with Flickr a success.

In a landmark move for photography enthusiasts worldwide, SmugMug, the largest independent photo-sharing platform, embraced Flickr under its wing. This strategic acquisition marks the union of two of the photography world’s most revered communities, merging SmugMug's deep-rooted passion for photography with Flickr’s vast and diverse global network.

A Shared Vision for Photography

The collaboration between SmugMug and Flickr goes beyond a mere business transaction; it's a heartfelt commitment to rejuvenate the spirit of the global photography community. By bringing together tens of millions of photographers, this union aims to empower those who share a deep enthusiasm for capturing moments—the photographers themselves.

SmugMug's acquisition of Flickr is a promise to honor the legacy of both platforms while charting a course toward a future where the photographer's craft is celebrated more than ever. It’s about ensuring that the power of photography remains in the hands of those who wield the camera, nurturing a space where creativity and community flourish side by side.

Crafting the Message Together

Teak partnered with SmugMug to narrate this pivotal chapter in their journey. Our collaboration was aimed at meticulously crafting the messaging that would announce the fusion of these iconic brand. The project spanned the development of a distinct brand voice, strategic brand positioning, social marketing tactics, and the creation of both an announcement video and a dedicated landing page.

Echoing the wise words of Alfred Eisenstaedt, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter,” our creative strategy was designed to refocus the narrative on the heart of photography—the photographers. This ethos guided our comprehensive launch campaign, which leveraged email marketing, social media, and paid media to direct users to a curated video and web experience, celebrating the photographer's journey and the community's collective passion.

A New Era for Photography

This partnership signifies a renewed commitment to photography, emphasizing the importance of community and connection in the digital age. By aligning SmugMug’s and Flickr’s visions, we're not just witnessing the merging of two platforms but the birth of a revitalized haven for photographers around the globe. It's a testament to the enduring power of photography to bring people together, capturing not just images but the stories and souls behind them.

As we move forward, the fusion of SmugMug and Flickr stands as a beacon of inspiration and innovation, ensuring that the future of photography remains bright, boundless, and in the hands of those who love it most. Together, we continue to celebrate the art of photography, inviting every shutter click to tell a story, capture a moment, and connect us all.

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