Creating a premium craft ice brand.
We’re working with a group of former Lagunitas Brewing Company execs to take craft ice to the next level.

We’ve been working with Abstract Ice since their inception. Partnering closely with the founding team, we’ve created every single element of the brand.  Together, we’ve developed communication at every touchpoint across retail and on-premise (bars, restaurants). The logo, the packaging, the posters, the shipping vans…every single thing down to the shelf strips in the retail refrigerator (we designed the refrigerator too).

Gold winner in the 2023 Graphis Photography Awards.

Before we even started work, we called our longtime collaborator Craig Cutler. It was obvious that this was a “see it to believe it” product, and the core of the visual identity was dependent on the imagery. No surprise, Craig’s imagery won a Gold in the recent 2023 Graphis Photography Awards.

We’re still in the early stages, having only launched in the Bay Area, but can’t wait to get more ice in people hands…er glasses.

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