Reimagining Icons: The SuperBreak and Hatchet Campaign
The latest in a decade of collaboration between Teak and JanSport

Our journey with JanSport spans over adecade, weaving through continents and crafting thousands of pieces of content. This year, we're launching a campaign that shines a new light on the iconic SuperBreak and Hatchet backpacks.

The SuperBreak: Redefining an Icon

The SuperBreak has transcended its role as a backpack to become a global icon, celebrated for its flawless design and even earning accolades from prestigious institutions like MOMA. Yet, its ubiquity presents a unique challenge: How do we reintroduce a familiar icon to a new generation who associate it primarily with their childhood?

The answer lies in transforming "SuperBreak" from a noun to a verb, a concept central to our campaign. We aim to embed the SuperBreak into the fabric of life's most pivotal moments, much like the backpack itself has been a constant companion for many.

The Hatchet: A Symbol of Exploration

The Hatchet backpack, known for its utility and functional design, guided us toward a narrative of youthful self-discovery and urban adventure. We envisioned nights filled with exploration, the forging of deep connections, and the embrace of endless possibilities. Our campaign captures the essence of urban explorers, individuals who command the cityscape with the freedom to venture wherever their hearts desire.

In a departure from traditional casting methods, we turned to the real-life urban adventurers for inspiration, selecting talent directly from social media and the vibrant streets of San Francisco. This approach not only lent authenticity to our campaign but also fostered a deeper dialogue with JanSport's audience, enriching the brand's story and our creative vision.

A Symphony of Music and Movement

True to the JanSport spirit, our campaign features emerging musicians, whose stories and sounds propel our narrative forward, embodying the ethos of adventure and exploration that JanSport champions.

"Driven to Go": A Year-Long Journey

Breaking from the conventional back-to-school timeframe, our "Driven to Go" campaign extends throughout the year. This comprehensive strategy encompasses streaming TV, digital videos, social media, and outdoor advertising, showcasing the JanSport line's versatility and appeal beyond the classroom.

As we celebrate this latest chapter with JanSport, we invite you to join us in redefining what it means to carry a SuperBreak or Hatchet backpack. It's more than just an item you bring along; it's a statement of who you are and where you're headed. With JanSport, we're not just going places; we're driven to go further.

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